The Life of a Wedding Photographer

It comes up a lot. Usually when I’m standing in the buffet line for dinner, or when there’s a slow time during the day when I’m not taking pictures.

“So you’re the photographer?”

“Yessir, I am, and I absolutely love it.”

“Well I don’t doubt it. You’re doing a great job out there. It must be great to work only one day a week!”


Original Source found here at ISPWP

To knock down some of the common misconceptions of what a wedding photographer does during the rest of the week, one of the guys asked 50 wedding photographers what their weekly activities included.

Here’s some graphs for illustration…


What Others *Think* Photographers Do


What Wedding Photographers Do In Reality


And let’s not forget that many wedding photographers don’t do photography full time, because it’s a hard job to support yourself with.  Most have a day job that supports themselves and families, which are generally much more stable.  So they’re doing even more work than usual.

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