Some of your Questions:

Q. Are you going to be taking the photos?

Yes. As the owner and primary photographer, you'll be dealing directly with me. I will help you through each step of the process. The collections that include a second photographer assistant are only those whom I trust.

Q. What is your photography style?

Nearly all couples enjoy candid or photojournalistic photography in the final image collection in addition to other formal or artistic photos. These are the fun shots that include those laughs and smiles and sometimes tears of happiness. They show raw emotion that's difficult to fake or pose. Also includes a lot of other candids of the location, details, guests, and the flow of your wedding day.

These images use more creative angles, lighting, or framing of the subject. The goal is to highlight a particular moment in an interesting way.

Traditional photography (aka portraits or formals) refers to posed pictures, usually of the wedding party and of your family. These include shots with your bridal party, family portraits, and others as needed during the day.

Your wedding day collection will include a blend of each, with photojournalistic images taking priority. Parts of the day are staged where I provide some direction, but for the most part, acting like a guest (with a camera) allows me to capture unstaged, unrehearsed, genuine moments of the wedding day.

Q. What is the engagement session?

This is a photo session prior to your wedding. It's recommended we meet 2-3 hours before sunset for best lighting. Rescheduling due to weather, illness, etc. is possible without additional fees. You're free to suggest ideas and locations. I'm always up for new locations. We spend 1-2 hours to capture some fun photos. We chat, you get to know me better and vice versa. It truly does make you more comfortable once we get to your wedding day. Plus you get some practice in front of the camera.

Digital images and an online gallery are the deliverables, just like your wedding photos. Feel free to get prints framed for your wedding. Pets are welcome and anything else you want. Travel fees may apply for locations farther than a one hour drive from Harrisburg.

Q. Do we receive digital images?

Yes. High resolution images are provided for download, watermark free. Use these images for printing. An online gallery is also provided with the option to order prints online. I edit every photo that is delivered, with my crisp and clean style. This includes editing for correct exposure, white balance, and color. Your photos receive these basic edits and limited skin retouching techniques on select images. These services are included with all delivered photos at no additional charge.

I put no limits on photos taken during your wedding, nor on the amount delivered.

Online galleries and digital downloads are usually available online within 6 weeks or less. Album design and ordering will take several more weeks beyond final image delivery.

Q. Do you have any full photo galleries I can review from an actual wedding?

Check out my blog posts for recent weddings and engagements.

Q. Can I request some ideas?

Sessions and weddings are unique to you! I'm always looking for creative things. Let me know what ideas you have in mind and I will work with you to customize your day.

Q. What type of equipment do you use?

I use Canon equipment with various off-camera lighting systems controlled wirelessly to make your images pop. With a complete line up of lenses from fisheye to telephoto, I can cover your event from any angle. I have 3 camera bodies and generally carry 2 on my utility belt for efficiency.

Q. What happens if your camera breaks?

I have plenty of backups for those situations when something fails. I have 3 camera bodies and multiple lenses. My cameras support dual card slots, so each image captured is saved twice. When I get home, all session images are immediately copied to multiple storage facilities.

Q. How will you be dressed for my wedding?

I dress for the occasion. So at a minimum, you'll observe me wearing dress pants, a button down shirt, and nice shoes. This also applies to my assisting photographer. For most client interactions, my working uniform is business casual.

Q. Do you expect to be fed at the wedding?

Yes. It's expected that any contracted secondary photographer/assistant and I be fed at the reception.

Q. How do I book you?

If I am available on your chosen date, I will book you in for a consultation and discuss all the details and help you select the best collection for your wedding. If you are then happy to go ahead, a retainer and a signed contract will secure your date(s).

Q. Do you have liability insurance?

Yes. Some wedding venues require liability insurance paperwork, which I can provide.

Q. Are there travel fees?

Typically fees are negotiated at 60 miles from Harrisburg.