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Capturing Love, Laughter, & All the Magic in Between

Meet the Dynamic Duo Behind Your Story

We're not just photographers, we're partners in crime, adventurers in disguise, and most importantly, a husband-and-wife photography duo with a shared passion for capturing life's most precious moments. We've been weaving magic with light in the Harrisburg, PA area for over 14 years. We're not your average lens-wielding robots; we're adventure-seekers, kid whisperers, and (true story) bee-surviving storytellers who live for capturing the moments that make life sparkle.

My wife Sarah? Think secret weapon. She wrangles kiddos like a pro, and her laughter sparks genuine smiles that leap right into the lens. Me? I'm the guy who dives headfirst to nail that perfect shot. Remember that epic wedding with the "killer bee incident"? Yeah, that was me, still smiling (through the swelling).

Our style? A mix of artistic flair and candid storytelling, with a dash of "relaxed guidance" to ensure you look your best. And when it comes to those family portraits? Don't worry, we're a pro at wrangling even the grumpiest of uncles. We truly value these moments, they're family heirlooms in the making.

Think you need a photographer who

Jumps in headfirst?
We're talking dirt-diving, bush-lurking, bee-defying (seriously, ask about that wedding!) all in pursuit of the perfect shot.

Cuddles chaos with a smile?
We understand that sessions can have unexpected moments. That's why we adapt and work with the flow, capturing the unforgettable moments that tell your unique story. So, relax and let the fun flow! My wife's a master of wrangling giggles from even the shyest kiddos, leaving you with portraits that shout "pure joy!"

Guides you like a seasoned sherpa?
From relaxed portraits to wrangling large family gatherings, we'll navigate the photo frenzy with a calm hand and a twinkle in our eye.

But why do we do it? Because, for us, photography isn't just about pixels; it's about capturing the heartbeat of your story. We want you to see your event through fresh eyes, to relive the laughter, the tears, the pure, unadulterated magic of it all.

So, what can you expect from us?

Personalized experiences
We'll walk you through every step, from pre-session consultations to photo reveals, ensuring you're comfortable and excited throughout the process.

An enthusiastic team
We're infectiously passionate about photography and it shows in our work!

No surprises
We set expectations before, during, and after (with an epic photo reveal party you won't want to miss!).

Photos you'll love
We're obsessed with capturing moments that make you say "wow" and "that's us!"

If you're looking for an enthusiastic, professional, and slightly-off-kilter duo to capture the moments that matter most, look no further. We're more than just photographers; we're your hype squad, your confidantes, and your personal paparazzi (but with better taste).

So, what are you waiting for? Send us a message and let's chat about your story! We'd love to hear it, and maybe even capture it in a frame or two.

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P.S. Everyone loves our digital images, but we also offer prints, albums, wall art, because memories deserve a permanent home.

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