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Hi! I'm Tim. I live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with three other feathered parrots. They're a bit noisy at times, but super colorful and have interesting personalities. I can't believe it, but they're all 18 years old. And two of them have plenty of years to go! I smile too much. When I was in second grade I earned the best smile award. I look for happy couples excited about life so that we can capture those moments.

My most recent adventures out west caught me driving all over Arizona and Utah exploring the canyons, parks, and wildlife. And again this year, I took a trip to California to visit another three national parks. I used to be a musician, versatile with the saxophone, clarinet, and piano. I don't practice nearly as much as I should, but enjoy an eclectic taste of listening music. When I was four, I was set on becoming a policeman, but that never panned out. Instead, I collected degrees in business and information technology and now photograph couples on the weekend. I also fly drones. Come fly with me?

I'm the type of photographer that is willing to lay in the dirt, get stung by killer bees, and hide in the bushes just to capture your awesome photo. I really did get stung by bees, and lived, continuing on with the wedding. I capture a mixture of creative and photojournalistic candids plus relaxed portraits with guidance to make sure you look your best. I can direct large wedding crowds for family portraits and actually enjoy taking those formal family pics. I know how important they are for you.

I jumped into weddings because I enjoy meeting people, sharing in their happiness, and telling their story through compelling images. Photography gives a new perspective of seeing your event through different eyes. My eyes. You'll receive my full attention for planning and all the little details to make your day unique to you.

I want your day to be relaxing and awesome. If you're interested in an enthusiastic, professional, and relaxed photographer who values creating quality artistic images, send me a message now. I would love to hear your story!

Tim@PhotographAdventure.com · 717.620.9381
I live in Harrisburg, PA and cover central PA and beyond.

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Customer reviews

As soon as I saw Tim's portfolio of previous weddings he photographed online, I knew I wanted him to be our photographer. And let me assure you he didn't disappoint!

Customer reviews

Tim was a pleasure to work with. He was easy going, accommodating, responsive and very talented. We could not be more pleased with the photographs he took!

Customer reviews

Tim has a great eye for shots that capture and convey everything from emotion to action, and loves getting creative.

Customer reviews

Customer service was the best I have known, before, during, and after the wedding event, even weeks and months afterwards. Friendly, courteous, respectful, and competent are just a few descriptives of this photographer.

I was impressed with how quickly he was able to get us our final photos and absolutely love his crisp vibrant editing style.

Customer reviews

Tim and his assistant couldn't have been more accommodating. The weather for our special day was cold and rainy and that didn't keep them from getting great shots! They endorsed the elements and were professional in every way!

Customer reviews

Tim far exceeded my expectations for my wedding photographer.

Customer reviews

Tim was exactly what we wanted out of a photographer.

My Parrots

Chicky, Connie, and Ivo

I've cared for these birds since they were little ones, hand feeding them a special formula while they learned to eat solid foods. That was back in 2001. The two colorful ones live up to about 30 years old. The interesting thing is that their personalities remain consistent over the years. Except for the cockatiel who is definately an old grouch these days.

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