Love Stories Captured: Authentic Weddings, Real Moments

Unveiling Your Dream Wedding Photos

Ready to say "I do" and laugh 'til you cry? We're Tim & Sarah, a husband-and-wife photography team capturing love stories in the Harrisburg, PA area (and beyond!) with over a decade of experience. We believe your wedding day deserves to be relaxing, unforgettable, and bursting with joy, just like you.

We're all about:

Personalized experiences: We don't do cookie-cutter weddings. We get to know you, your vision, and your crazy uncle Joe, (because those candid moments are gold!).
Creative candids and classic portraits: We capture the raw emotions and genuine laughter, while also helping you nail those picture-perfect poses with a little guidance. (Think of us as your friendly photo sherpa guides!)
Going the extra mile (literally): We'll climb mountains, dodge bees (true story!), or crawl through bushes, all for that perfect shot.

Bonus points if:

You appreciate stunning photos and want something more than just snapshots.
You're looking for a photographer who gets your humor and can handle the occasional family photo frenzy. (We love them, too!)
You trust us to capture the moments, personalities, and unforgettable story of your wedding day.

Sound like a good fit? Let's chat! We'd love to hear about your dream wedding and see if we can be the perfect team to capture it all.

Love in Focus

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Love in Focus

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Our Curated Collection: Real Weddings, Captured with Love

wedding couple selinsgrove

Stone Barn Winery SelinsgroveKyle & Johanna

wedding couple hershey

Camp HebronJordan & Erin

wedding couple hershey

Harvest View Barn ElizabethtownPatrick & Amanda

From "Just Engaged" Jitters to "Happily Ever After" Cheers: Your Wedding Adventure

From "Just Engaged" Jitters to "Happily Ever After" Cheers: Your Wedding Adventure

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bride groom wedding veil
brick gables lititz pa wedding photography
wedding father daughter dance
vineyard at grandview Wedding
camp-hebron wedding ceremony
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chickies rock overlook engagement
Harvest View Barn Wedding Hershey Farms winter wedding bride portrait
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Memorial Lake State Park engagement
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Lauxmont Farms Wrightsville Pa Wedding
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Let's Talk Photos! Your Wedding Adventure Begins Here

From Inquiry to "I Do": Our Seamless Wedding Photography Process

  • 1
    Connect & Plan
  • 2
    Capture Your Wedding Day
  • 3
    Photo Reveal & Ordering

1. Connect & Plan

Your adventure to stunning wedding photos begins with a fun and informative chat! Whether we chat over the phone, grab coffee/tea in person (if possible!), or connect via video call, we'll dive deep into your vision for the big day. Your questions are met with open arms (and maybe some wedding planning tips!), and we'll collaborate on the ideal style, theme, and specific moments to capture. We'll even discuss the important people and items you want beautifully documented, ensuring your photography experience is relaxed, personalized, and bursting with joy. Let's turn those "just engaged" jitters into excitement for capturing your unique love story forever!
wedding portraits
wedding portraits
wedding portraits
wedding portraits

2. Capture Your Day

Your wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions, laughter, and pure joy. We're not just there to snap pictures; we're your storyteller, capturing the essence of your love through candid moments, romantic portraits, and all the beautiful details that make your day unique. Throughout the day, we'll blend seamlessly into the background, capturing the genuine smiles, the tearful moments of joy from loved ones, and the spontaneous dance moves on the reception floor.

Our goal is to create a visual narrative that reflects the love, laughter, and magic of your special day. So, get ready to twirl, laugh, and soak up every moment – we'll be there to capture it all, because these are the memories you'll cherish forever.

3. Photo Reveal & Ordering

The big day has passed, and the memories are simmering! But the excitement doesn't stop there. Get ready to relive those special moments in all their glory with your personalized photo reveal session as we unveil your final wedding photos together, via a fun and interactive online video call.

This is your chance to see your love story unfold through stunning visuals, and maybe even shed a happy tear or two along the way. During the call, we'll also discuss options for creating beautiful wedding albums and stunning wall portraits to keep those precious memories front and center for years to come.

So, get ready to reminisce, celebrate, and personalize your wedding experience with your final photos! We can't wait to share your unique love story with you, one frame at a time.

wedding portraits

Weddings Start at 2500

14+ Years of Experience

Most couples spend at least 3300+ with 2 photographers and an adventurous engagement photo session. Try out our wedding day timeline planner.

We offer a variety of options to fit any budget and occasion, from intimate elopements to big family weddings.

Packages include:

Your dedicated duo! That's us, capturing every smile and hidden gem.
High-resolution digital images to relive the magic over and over again.
Online gallery for easy sharing and downloading.
A personalized photo reveal session where you'll squeal with delight as you see your story unfold.

And for that extra touch of luxury, we also offer:

Stunning albums and wall art to turn your memories into permanent masterpieces.
Engagement photo sessions to capture all of your love and excitement.
Travel to your wildest dreams! (Because no epic adventure is too far for photos that rock.)

So, are you ready to ditch the cheesy poses and embrace real, raw, beautiful moments? We're here to tell your story, with a healthy dose of laughter and a sprinkle of adventure.

Unwrapping Your Photo Worries: FAQs

How do we capture the raw emotions that tell your truth?

Forget cookie-cutter poses and staged smiles – my camera craves the real you, the unfiltered moments that make your wedding day shimmer. We're a photojournalist at heart, weaving your love story into a vibrant tapestry of emotions, candid interactions, and fleeting glances. Like an artist wielding light and shadow, we sculpt beauty from the ordinary, finding poetry in the windswept veil dancing in your hair, the shared laughter echoing through the room, the tear glistening on your cheek. But don't mistake my documentary spirit for a lack of elegance. I cherish timeless traditions, capturing the whispered vows, the exchange of rings, the father-daughter dance with a reverence for the enduring beauty of love. So let's ditch the script and embrace the unscripted, the joyful chaos, the whispers, and the shouts – together, we'll paint your wedding in pixels that echo with authenticity and grace.

Photojournalistic: Your epic love story deserves epic photos, not just staged smiles. Think raw, real, and bursting with emotion. We'll capture those belly laughs, happy tears, and dance floor shenanigans like a ninja with a camera. This is your day, unscripted and unrehearsed, forever frozen in time.

Artistic: Forget boring snapshots, let's paint your day with light and angles! We'll find those magical moments, like sunlight framing a kiss or a tear reflecting the joy, and transform them into art you can hang on your wall (or use as your phone background, no judgment).

Traditional: Let's sprinkle some classic portraits in the mix, like family and bridal party shots that feel timeless elegant. Think heirloom vibes with a modern twist. We'll pose you just enough to avoid awkward, but keep it natural and fun.

The Perfect Blend: Your final gallery will be a symphony of styles, with photojournalistic candids taking center stage. Imagine it like your favorite playlist: raw laughter mixed with smooth ballads and a couple of head-banging dance hits. We'll be your wedding guest with a secret weapon – a camera that captures every beat of your day, authentically and beautifully.

Where do these awkward hands go again?

Stressing over stiff poses and awkward hand placement? Relax! My goal is to capture the genuine YOU, radiating joy and love on your wedding day. I'll be your friendly guide, gently nudging you into flattering positions that showcase your natural beauty and the connection between you and your loved ones. We'll work together to find positions that feel authentic and comfortable, whether it's leaning against a tree with windblown hair or sharing a quiet laugh with your loved one.

My goal is to let your genuine joy shine through, not to create Instagram-worthy contortions. So don't worry about your hands hovering awkwardly or your smile feeling forced. We'll find ways to incorporate them naturally, whether it's holding a bouquet, resting on your hip, or simply gesturing with excitement. Remember, the best photos are the ones where you forget the camera is even there, and we're here to make that happen. So let's ditch the posing panic and embrace the authentic moments that make your story unique.

What's an engagement session all about?
What's the deal?

Get comfy in front of the lens, snag stunning pics, and have fun before the big day. It's a chance to hang out with us (your friendly neighborhood photo ninja!) and capture some stunning shots that celebrate your spark. Plus, you'll score gorgeous photos for your save-the-dates, website, or just to frame and swoon over. Plus, it'll make you feel way more relaxed on your wedding day. We'll spend a happy 1 hour snapping away, soaking up the good vibes, and capturing those candid moments that make your love story unique. Think laughter, stolen glances, and maybe even a little playful PDA (your call!).

Golden hour magic?

Two hours before sunset is our magic time, when the light gets all soft and glowy, perfect for flattering portraits and capturing that warm, fuzzy feeling of being totally in love.


Mother Nature can be fickle, but that doesn't mean your photos have to be. If the weather throws a tantrum, we can simply reschedule without any extra fees.

Location inspo?

We're all ears (and eyes) for your suggestions! Whether it's a cozy coffee shop where you had your first date, a scenic hike you love to conquer together, or even your grandma's backyard filled with childhood memories, we're game for new adventures.

What do I get?

You'll walk away with a digital treasure trove – a gallery of all your stunning photos, just like your wedding collection. Feel free to print them, frame them, or use them to melt hearts on social media.

Furry friends and wild ideas?

Pets are always welcome to add their furry charm to the photos. Bonus points for adorable couples pics with your favorite four-legged friends!

Travel fees?

If your dream location is beyond a 45 minute drive, we'll work out a travel fee that's fair and fits your budget.

The more you share about your vision and what makes you tick as a couple, the more we can capture your unique love language in photos. Don't be shy!

Still have questions? We're all ears! Let's chat and create some unforgettable memories together.

Ever worried your wedding photos might do a swan dive instead of a slow dance?

Let's Be Real: Even Ninjas Trip Sometimes (But Your Photos Won't)

Okay, we all know the drill: you're having the best day ever, surrounded by loved ones, celebrating with cake (hopefully not the Aunt Gertrude variety...), and bam - someone spills champagne on your shoes (or worse, your photographer!).

Fear not, butterfingers and klutzes! Your epic wedding memories are in safer hands than a mime holding a priceless Ming vase.

Here's why:

Double Agents: We don't just have one camera, we have two. Think of them as my trusty sidekicks, capturing every laugh, tear, and dance move from multiple angles. Because let's face it, some moments deserve a slow-mo replay (especially the cake smash, no judgment!).

Double Takes: My cameras are like magic tricks, saving each image twice on separate memory cards. It's like having a superhero backup plan for your pixels.

Triple Threat: When the party's over, your photos don't just chill on my laptop. They're whisked away to a digital Fort Knox, guarded by firewalls, passwords, and maybe even a moat of glitter (we love glitter!).

What camera magic do you use to make our wedding photos pop?

We rely on professional Sony cameras and off-camera flash to capture stunning, high-quality images in any lighting situation. This allows us to adapt to the flow of your wedding day and ensure every moment, from the sun-drenched ceremony to the romantic candlelit reception, is beautifully preserved. We also use a variety of lenses to achieve different creative effects, whether it's emphasizing the intimacy of a close-up portrait or capturing the grandeur of your venue.

What's the deal with the photos?

Photos Forever: Your Digital Keepsake & Sharing Guide

Get ready to relive your day in all its glory! Here's what you can expect:

Unlimited Photos, Zero Limits: We capture every laugh, tear, and dance move without a shutter-count cap. Your entire story unfolds in stunning images, all yours to cherish.
Crisp & Clean Edits: Each photo receives my signature editing for perfect exposure, color, and a touch of light magic. We also include minor skin retouching on select images to enhance your natural beauty.
The Gallery Glow: Your online gallery is like a virtual treasure chest of memories. Access, share, and download your photos with ease, whether you're reminiscing solo or showing them off to the world.
Prints & More: Want to hold your memories in your hands? The gallery offers print ordering, so you can turn your digital gems into tangible keepsakes.
Delivery Timeline: Within 8 weeks after your wedding, your online gallery will be up and running, bursting with your beautifully edited photos. Consider it your fast-forward ticket to reliving the magic!
Wondering who's behind the magic?

Behind the Lens: Meet Your Wedding Photo BFF! It's a love story in itself! You'll be dealing directly with me, Tim, the owner and primary photographer. My passion is capturing real love stories, and I'll be your personal guide through every step of the process.

But what about those collections with a second photographer? Well, get ready for this – my secret weapon is my amazing wife! She's not just my partner in life, but also a talented photographer and my go-to assistant for those larger celebrations. We work seamlessly together, like photography ninjas in love, to ensure your day unfolds beautifully and authentically.

Why choose us? Because you'll be getting the best of both worlds: my artistic vision and storytelling expertise, combined with her keen eye for detail and unwavering support. We'll get to know you as a couple, understand your vision, and capture the essence of your day in a way that feels uniquely you. Plus, there's something magical about having a husband-wife team capturing your love story – it adds a special touch of genuine emotion to the experience.

Ready to chat about making your wedding day unforgettable? Let's connect! We can't wait to hear about your love story and show you how we can translate it into breathtaking photos that tell your unique tale.

Check out my "About" page to learn more about our photography journey and what makes us tick. You might just find yourselves saying, "This is the team we've been waiting for!"

Craving even more eye candy from our lens?

Capturing wedding magic is our jam, and we love sharing those stories with the world. Here's how you can dive deeper into our photo fiesta:

1. Blog Bonanza: My blog is your treasure trove of real-life love stories! Scroll through recent weddings & engagements, family photo sessions, soak in the emotions, and see how we translate unique celebrations into stunning visuals. You might even find some inspiration for your own big day!

2. Social Butterfly: Follow us on Instagram - PhotographAdventure - for a constant dose of photo magic. Get sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and exclusive content you won't find anywhere else. Hit that follow button and get ready for instant happy feels!

3. Reach Out! Still can't find what you're looking for? No worries! Drop us a line through the contact form, and we'll be happy to answer any questions or help you find the perfect photo examples. Consider us your friendly neighborhood wedding photography guru!

Ready to Make It Official?

So, you're head over heels and ready to lock down your dream wedding photographer? Let's walk through the smooth and simple process!

1. Let's Chat!: If we're available, let's get to know each other! We can meet in person (if you're in the Harrisburg/Mechanicsburg/Camp Hill area) or have a virtual coffee date over Skype or FaceTime. This is your chance to ask us anything, share your vision, and see if we're a perfect fit.

2. Customize Your Day: During our chat, we'll tailor the ideal photography collection to your needs and budget. We offer a variety of options to capture every magical moment, from intimate elopements to grand celebrations.

3. Secure Your Date: Once you've found your perfect package, a signed contract and a retainer will officially lock down your date(s). This way, you can relax and focus on all the fun wedding planning stuff without any date-booking worries.

Don't hesitate to ask questions! The more you share about your dreams and expectations, the better we can personalize your wedding photography experience.

Remember, choosing your wedding photographer is a big decision. But with a clear process and open communication, you'll find the perfect person to capture your love story in all its breathtaking glory. Let's chat and make your dream wedding day a reality!

"Tim has a great eye for shots that capture and convey everything from emotion to action, and loves getting creative."